What Are The Features of Windows Operating Systems?

What Are The Features of Windows Operating Systems?

Windows is a GUI(Graphical User Interface) based operating system which allows multitasking i.e. multiple applications can be simultaneously run in different windows. It has many very useful features that adds to its user-friendliness. Some of them are −

Process ManagementProcess is a program in execution --- numerous processes to choose from in a multiprogrammed system,Process creation/deletion (bookkeeping)Process suspension/resumption (scheduling, system vs. user)Process synchronizationProcess communicationDeadlock handling

Memory ManagementMaintain bookkeeping informationMap processes to memory locations Allocate/deallocate memory space as requested/required.

ProtectionControlling access to the systemResources CPU cycles, memory, files, devicesUsers authentication, communicationMechanisms, not policies


Screen upon which icons, windows etc. are displayed is known as desktop. The window operating system desktop may contain background, one or more active or inactive windows, taskbar, icons.

My Computer

In windows, things that you have on your computer - your programs, documents, data and files are all accessible from one place called my computer. My computer is generally located at upper left corner of desktop.


Icons are pictures representing windows elements like files, folders, shortcuts etc. Icons play a very important role in graphical user interface.

Recycle Bin

Recycle bin is a holding place for files you no longer need. The files that you delete are put in recycle bin that means the files that are deleted by mistake can be retrieved from recycle bin.