HTML - Iframes

HTML Iframes

Html Iframe is another wonderful tool that helps you to create a frame within a frame i.e. display a web page within a web page.

An HTML iframe is applied as the <iframe> tag. For example,


<iframe src="URL"></iframe>

Here, the arrtibute “src” defines the URL (i.e. web address) of the inline frame page.

HTML Iframe - Height and Width

Depending on your requirements, you can set the height and width of iframe. For example,


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html >
        <title>Htmltpoint iframe tag</title>
        <iframe src=””>
            <p>Browser not Supported.</p>


Htmltpoint iframe tag

An <iframe> tag used to embed another page or document into the current HTML page.

We can use multiple Inline Frame in a single HTML page.

Each Inline Frame has its own session history and active documents.

<iframe> tag belongs to Flow content, phrasing content, embedded content, interactive content and palpable content.