Give The Resistor Organization Of 8085?

Give The Resistor Organization Of 8085?

Registers are used by the microprocessor for temporary storage and manipulation of data and instructions. Data remain in the registers till they are sent to the memory or I/O device. In a large computer the number of register is more and hence the program requires less transfer of data to/form the memory. In a small computer the number of registers is small due to limited size of the chip. Inter 8085 microprocessor has the following registers.

  • One 8-bit accumulator (ACC) i.e register A.

  • Six 8-bit general purpose registers. These are B, C, D, E, H, L.

  • One 16-bit stack pointer, S.P.

  • One 16-bit program counter, PC.

  • Instruction Register

  • Status register

  • Temporary register.