HTML5 - Tutorial

Html5 Tutorial

HTML5 is the latest and most enhanced version of HTML. In HTML5, there are lots of new advance tags and attributes are introduce and few old HTML elements and attributes are removed.

HTML5 new elements and attributes helps to make the web designing easy, attractive and more meaningful.

In 2008, first version of HTML5 is released and it is still under development. In 2016, HTML5.1 version is introduced but there is more about to come in HTML5.

Most of the Tags and features are same which is available in Html4, Here I will discuss only new added tags and features in Html5.

In this tutorial I will discuss all things related to Html5.


HTML5 tutorial is targeted for beginners as well as experienced people who is having basic knowledge to implement web applications using HTML. In html5 tutorial we covered all topics from basic to advanced level which will give clear idea how to use html5 in your applications with live examples.


To follow this tutorial, you can get by with a simple text editor, e.g. Windows Notepad or similar. However, we do recommend using an editor specifically designed to work with web content, for a more pleasant workflow.

The author of this tutorial has been using TSW WebCoder for many years, and with its IntelliSense and real-time code validation, it will be a big help for both novices and more experienced web authors.