What Do You Mean By Integrated Circuits?

What Do You Mean By Integrated Circuits?

The IC's are made using 'micro-electronics' technology which reduces the size of components to about one tenth or even smaller as compared to their discrete type. So an IC is a micro electronic circuit. Electronic circuits such as an amplifier etc. can be made inside an IC using microelectric technology.

It has a small size, cheap cost circuiting and it consists of active and passive components which are connected to each other on a small single chip which is made of silicon material.

Advantages of IC's

  • IC's have complicated circuit built in small space with more reliability.

  • Low cost.

  • Power consumption is low.

  • Higher operating speed.

  • Less weight and compact size.

  • Replacement easy.

  • Better performance.


  • If an IC becomes faulty, it has to be replaced.

  • Capacitors more than 30 pF can't be fabricated.

  • They are very delicate and need careful handling.

  • Limited power dissipation.

  • Initial cost is high.

  • Resistors with more than 100 KQ can't be fabricated in IC's.

  • Direct fabrication of inductors not possible.

  • Higher temperature coefficient.