What is An File Extensions?

What is An File Extensions?

File extensions are the ending letters associated with a file and an application that it can be manipulated in. This way Windows 98 knows to tell which program to open the file you want to manipulate. For example a text file has an extension of .txt, so a text file created in notepad called phone numbers would look like this phone numbers .txt. You do not have to assign a file extension to a file that you create.

The program you use will automatically do this for you. All you need to do is give it a filename. Some other common extensions are as follows −

  • .doc = Microsoft Word Document

  • .xls = Microsoft Excel Document

  • .ppt = Microsoft Power Point Presentation

  • .mdb = Microsoft Access Database

  • .txtPlain = The extension to the Text File

  • .tex = The files created by the LaTeX Source Document

  • .wps = Files saved in the Microsoft Works Word Processor Document

File Extensions are the tags that every data file present inside a computer database has. To be able to identify a file of a particular type, you will require knowing its extension. Similarly, there are several types of files that are generated during a computational operation. A file extension or a file name is the end letters of a filename that are used to identify the type of data file.

Need For An Extension

The files inside a computer have their specific reasons. There are files that are intended to be used by the computer itself or in other words what are known as the system files. There are text files, data files, audios, videos, archives and compressed files. All of these need to be handled separately and thus there is a need to identify these different files or file systems both by the user and the computer. Here we will list the important file systems and their file extensions. Let us begin.