Which Are The High Level Programming Language?

Which Are The High Level Programming Language?

Higher level language like portran, C, Pascal and cobol are available for programming on many microprocessor through programming. Higher level languages is much easier than in machine or assembly languages. The former is possible only when a microcomputer with sufficient memory is available.

High-level programming languages mean that languages of writing computer instructions in a way that is easily understandable and close to human language. High-level languages are created by developers so that programmers don’t need to know highly difficult low level/machine language. Programmers can easily learn high-level languages as it is very close to human language.

There is 3 level of programming languages. High, mid and low-level languages. Java, Ruby, Bash these are high-level languages. These enable a programmer to learn the language quickly. C is a mid-level language that is used highly in hardware controlling. Assembly is a low-level language that is very close to machine language.

There is another language machine language which is made of only 0 and 1. Starting from the machine level language to high-level language all are created sequentially for a better user experience.

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