Virus Full Form

Virus Full Form - What is Virus?

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What is Virus and what is Full Form of Virus. Such questions must have come in your mind at some point as well. That's why today you have come to our blog.

Virus is a word that every mobile and computer running person is scared of hearing, everyone is familiar with it. Everyone who owns a smartphone, computer, website wants to avoid the virus.

After all why? Have you ever thought about what is virus? How a virus is made. How does it spread so fast in the Internet? If you want to know every information related to the virus, then you will get everything in this post.

Virus Full Form

The full form of the virus is "Vital information report under sieze". It is a small program written using programming language. Which has the capacity to run automatically. Once run, it reaches every file in storage and corrupts, deletes and damages them.

Virus does not get created on its own, rather a skilled programmer makes it only to harm others. It spreads very fast. When the virus executes in the system, it attaches to the boot system and it expands as often as the system boots.

Types of Computer Viruses

There are many types of computer viruses, with the help of which hackers inject them into any system and hack them. Some of these are so destructive that destroy data. And also steal the information.

  • Boot sector viruses

  • Program viruses

  • Stealth viruses

  • Active X viruses

  • Multipartite viruses

  • Browser hijacker

  • Polymorphic viruses

  • File infector viruses

  • Resident viruses

  • Macro viruses

What is Virus

A virus is a type of program that damages our computer or mobile, that is, if you have a computer or smart phone, then all of you use antivirus to protect your computer and mobile phone. Which protects your computer and mobile from viruses. It is also known as a Computer Program Code. Which sometimes comes in your computer or mobile and causes a lot of damage to many files and data of the computer.

How Viruses Work

Before knowing how this works, let me tell you that the knowledge of programming language is necessary to make the virus. You must have understood that it means who becomes a virus?

Those who create viruses are mostly people who know the language. Why, without programming language, knowledge cannot become virus. It does not require any special software to make it, but the very simple application that we know by the name of notepad is used.

By writing some codes, the file is saved with executable extension. After this, the target system has to be reached somehow. Then the virus starts its work.

So let's understand how the virus works. As you know, a virus is a program or code, which attaches itself to a file, a software. Files or software attached to the virus are called infected files.

As soon as that infected file and software is run, the virus starts reproducing itself. In this way the virus starts spreading. And infects all programs, documents, games and email attachment. After this, when we transfer these files to CD, DVD, USB-drive, then they start spreading to other devices through digital media.

The virus does not work until the attachment file, program, or email attachment is opened from it, that is, unless there is an object. The effect of infection can be anything but a small effect as a pope or it can destroy the data and the program.

A few prominent computer Viruses

Changes in Browser Settings − Your browser homepage has changed automatically, so it is very likely that a spyware attack has occurred in your computer. A homepage is a website or web page that opens automatically when you turn on the Internet browser.

Usually we go to the Tools menu and set up our homepage, which is usually your favorite website, search engine or more frequently used services like e-mail etc. Spyware inserted into the PC changes it to take you to a particular website.

When The Computer is Slow − The computer is very slow and is taking too long to open any software, it means that a large part of its memory and CPU is busy processing viruses or spyware. In such a situation, it takes time to start the computer and open the web page on Internet Explorer.

Computer Hangs − When the computer is repeatedly jammed or suddenly hangs, then understand that it may be due to infection. Especially if you have not installed any new software or hardware in the computer.

Pop-up Windows − As soon as you turn on the Internet browser, several types of pop-up windows start opening in it, then some of them may have advertised a particular thing or website, or they are pornographic websites. Full of links.

When strange Icons start to form − Your desktop or system tray has strange types of icons, even though you have not installed any such software. On clicking, they quickly start opening pornographic websites.